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My name is Kim Donahue.

Congratulations! You have a special event upcoming and are shopping for a calligraphy specialist. I am confident this site can answer all of your questions. I welcome and respond to all email. (Please use subject line because I don't open spam!!)

Calligraphy adds an elegant and personal touch to your shower, party or wedding invitations. With all that it takes to plan a big event it's comforting to know that professionals can help you make everything perfect! In addition to invitations I also pen seating scrolls and seating cards, poetry, song lyrics, certificates, diplomas or anything you would like beautifully handwritten in your choice of ink color. I can scribe a wide variety of script styles. I'm sure I can match yours. See some script samples here.
Invitations can be completed as quickly as one week.
When you send me your invitations and I receive them, I email you to confirm receipt. When your invitations are completed I send my request for payment. I use your choice of shipping companies. Payments can be made by PayPal, check or money order, or cash if local.

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Gift Certificates (available in any denomination) make a lovely, unique gift! The certificate is a lovingly handwritten and beautifully presented peice of art itself! Order one here
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My pricing is affordable. I began calligraphy-for-profit a few years ago through the encouragement of friends and family. I have been scribing for many years.
Because each event is unique, each calligraphy need is too. There are many considerations when ordering calligraphy as each affects pricing by calligraphers. Some important factors are:

  • time given to complete the order (1 week per 100 is reasonable)
  • options selected (wax seals, stamp/stuff, embellishments, etc.)
  • quantityof invitation envelopes
  • type and quality of parchment or paper (low quality is difficult to scribe)
  • lining(and the type of lining)of your inner envelopes

email me with your details and I'm sure we can agree on a fair price.
Read my "Tips and Advice" page to learn how you can save money. Please request a quote! - Comprehensive Wedding Web Directory

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