Service Options:

  • choice of ink color
  • variety of script styles
  • wax seals with color choice
  • envelope art
  • ribbon embellishment
  • stamping
  • invitation assembly
    and stuffing
  • zip code finds
  • rush orders
  • seating scrolls
  • seating cards
  • programs
  • menus
  • specialty items

Seating scrolls have become very popular. Scrolls usually replace the seating cards laid out on a table for your guests to take to their table.
A seating scroll is placed on an easel at the entrance to the reception area so that guests can glance at the seating arrangement. Guests usually spend less time "looking over" the seating.
My scrolls are beautifully handwritten and decorated with silk flowers, ribbons, beads, etc. Your scroll will be made to your specifications. Look for thumbnails coming soon to this site!

Samples of my penmanship can be seen here

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I scribe many styles, but these are the script styles most often requested.

script styles

Are you undecided about the script style you would like?
Here are some links to sites which feature beautiful scripts:
Answer a few questions and it will tell you
the name of the font you have described.
Or, go to:
Bowfin Printworks
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