How much will it cost?

Prices Per Piece
Outer Envelope Addressing $1.50
Outer and Inner Envelope $1.75
Outer, Inner Envelope & Return Address$2.50
Ink (non-black)$.05
Thank You Envelopes$1.50
Place Cards$.75
Zip Code Service$.75
Wax Seals$.75
Invitation Assembly$.25
Stamping (your stamps)$.05
Seating Scolls Special Quote
Gift Certificates Any Amount
*Customer pays shipping. Shipping links
*add .50 for each double-names envelope,
each internationally addressed envelope
and each extra line.
Address or postal code corrections charge .75 ea.
Please note that particular script styles, paper quality, special art, among other variables will increase prices.

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Gift Certificates Order Form

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How will payment be made?
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Request a Personalized Quote

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Which services do you need?
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  Outer envelope addressing
  Inner envelope addressing
  Outer envelope return address
  Seating cards
  Wax Seals
  Invitation assembly
  Envelope stamping

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